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  The Shurn family reunion has a rich heritage. Descendants of the Shurn family have been traced back as early as the 1840's to Drew Shurn and Emmaline 

Taylor. The Shurn Family Reunion began in Benton Harbor, Michigan in 1951. The celebration started on Labor Day and has been unchanged through the present.

The first gathering was small with only a few relatives and their families. Attending relatives at the first gathering included B.B. Shurn, Eles O. Shurn Sr., Robert Shurn, Fred Douglas Shurn, Vinnie Shurn Crenshaw, Annie Shurn Greer, Lula Shurn Bogan, Louise Shurn and Sammie Shurn.

During the first five years, the reunion celebration alternated between South Bend, Indiana and Benton Harbor, Michigan. The reunion continued to grow and expanded its membership. Around the sixth year, the reunion took the show on the road and began rotating among several cities as it continues to do today. The current rotation includes South Bend, Indiana; Benton Harbor, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; St. Louis, Missouri; Colt, Arkansas; Detroit, Michigan; Springfield, Massachusetts; Nashville, Tennessee; Washington D.C.; and Atlanta, Georgia.

In September, 1992 the Shurn Family Reunion drafted and adopted a constitution and was legally incorporated as The Shurn Family. Thirteen officers were elected to serve on the National Board of Directors. The first meeting was held in Nashville, Tennessee during the reunion.  

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